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Patch's Therapy

provides Integrative, person-centred based counselling using different techniques

tailored to the needs of individual clients. 

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Regardless of whether the counselling is face-to-face, telephone or online, at the beginning of the first session clients can expect the counsellor to explain in more detail what counselling involves, including confidentiality, setting boundaries,

time, place, payment procedure and safeguarding issues that may apply.


This is also a time where clients can share their expectations of counselling and any questions they may have.  There is then a mutual agreement made between client and counsellor to ensure clients feel as secure as possible to share themselves in the counselling relationship. 

If the counselling is face-to-face your counsellor will explain the buildings health and safety procedures you need to know before entering the building. 

To keep you and your counsellor safe all regularly touched surfaces are regularly cleaned.  

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