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Lucinda Haldenby-Hill

(qualified counsellor, supervisor and group facilitator).


I am a qualified integrative counsellor and supervisor registered member of the ACC.  I have completed eight years of training including a BA in Therapeutic Counselling.

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I have been a counsellor since 2014, working both independently and with a problem gambling agency for 8 years.  I am an integrative counsellor, believing we are all individuals and often have bespoke needs, therefore I use many tools in my work which are tailored to the client’s specific needs to move forward. I believe the client to be the ‘expert’ on themselves, knowing and understanding this is a process which may need unlocking and a build up of trust both in the counselling relationship and in the individual’s self.  Clients can expect me to be honest, empathetic, compassionate, as well as challenging where needed.


In 2017 I qualified as a counselling supervisor with the completion of a BA in Counselling Studies.  I enjoy this aspect of the field particularly encouraging counsellors to be the best them they can be, both in the counselling room and in themselves.

Having over ten years experience of supporting and counselling people, particularly those who have experienced abuse, damage from addictions and relationship issues.

Patch's Therapy has been an adventure I had been planning for many years.  I am naturally empathetic towards other's needs and experiences, providing both a listening ear and resourceful solutions.

I was born with no right fore arm or hand, so from very early on in my life I learnt to be resourceful and encountered various challenges.  I have had other adversities through my life, which has given me a broader understanding of other's tragedies and triumphs. 

I have a passion for helping others see there potential, healing from their experiences and where possible using trials and experiences to the person's advantage.

Patch's Therapy provides integrative counselling face to face, online via zoom and telephone,

aspiring to assist clients on their journey of self awareness and discovery.

Patch's Therapy endeavours to encourage and empower clients through active listening and a variety of techniques suited to the individual, building client's confidence and courage to like and be themselves.  

Patch's Therapy recognises everyone is individual, having unique perspectives of experiences, even when they may be similar to other's experiences. 

As with material patches, those pieces, snippets, of experiences, joyful and painful, can be examined, considered, processed and put back together, with other patches and perspectives you can become the purposeful, restored and whole being you want to be.

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