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Life can become difficult at times, it may feel like all the time. According to statistics 615 million people suffer from anxiety and depression, almost two in three of us suffer from mental illness of some sort.  You are not alone.  Life is not often fair, at times it is so difficult there seems no way to turn.  

Patch's Therapy provides high quality integrative counselling. Counselling sessions are developed with you, the client, in mind. Adapting to your needs and the direction you want to explore.
Patch's Therapy also provides integrative supervision to counsellors and those in the caring professions.
Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, addictions, relationship or work trials, trying to recover from traumas life has thrown at you or you just feel stuck, counselling could help. 
You may have come to a point on your path wondering which direction to follow next? Maybe your past seems to be blocking your present journey. Or you just want to have greater self awareness and give yourself some care. 

In whatever way this applies to you and your life, counselling could help you to choose the right path for you and or clear through any obstacles and baggage on that path.

If you feel ready to explore this further through counselling tailored to you, please contact me to ask a question or book a counselling session.

Lucinda Haldenby-Hill

Patch's Therapy

Counselling and Supervision

West Cornwall

07975 958043

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Coronavirus (COVID 19) changes

Due to COVID 19 lifting of some restrictions I am now offering face-to-face counselling and supervision sessions, as well as online and telephone sessions.